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New Fluorine Containing Materials And Supporting Intermediates Project
- May 31, 2018 -

         A few days ago, according to Sanming Daily, Fujian Sannong New Materials Co., Ltd. "new fluorine-containing materials and supporting intermediates" accelerated construction progress, technical personnel are stepping up the installation and commissioning of equipment and pipelines. In July 2018, part of the plant will be put into trial production. The project is the third phase of the project after the annual production of 11500 tons of fluorine chemical products construction project. The original plan of the project was prepared for 0.5 years, the construction period was 1.5 years and the whole project was completed and put into production in July 2019.

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Construction Project of New Fluorine-Containing Materials and supporting Intermediates (Phase III)

       The project is located in Dutou Ping Chemical Park of Huangsha Industrial concentration area, Sanyuan District, Sanming City. The contents of construction include: 24000t / aTFE intermediate (raw material R2200t / 15000t / a tetrafluoroethylene teflon / 6000t / a high quality PTFEE / 2000t / a perfluoroalkyl ethyl acrylate / 500t / a hexafluoropropylene oligomer 500t / a dichlorotetrafluorotetrafluoro (ethoxy) aniline / 20000tr / a calcium dihydrogen phosphate / 20000tr / a calcium chloride A total of 8 sets of production equipment and supporting public works.

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       At present,the actual production scale of Fujian Sannong New Materials Co., Ltd. is 15000 t / a of tetrafluoroethylene teflon (containing 24000 t / a HCFC-22 / 5 000 t / a HCFC-22 / year HCFP-HFPN 6500 t / a PTFE / a PAC80000 t / a polyaluminium chloride / year. Has reached the original project design scale of 11500 tons per year, The actual total investment was 1.15 billion yuan, of which 64.89 million yuan was invested in environmental protection.