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Performance And Market Application Of Fluoroplastic Cable (1)
- May 23, 2018 -

     Fluoropolymer is a general term for various fluorinated polymers. It refers to the self-polymerization of monomers containing fluorine atoms or polymers formed by copolymerization with other non-fluorine-containing materials. Fluoroplastics are suitable for wire and cable because of their excellent electrical properties, thermal stability and mechanical and physical properties. In order to further understand the fluoroplastic cable and help the future work, this paper briefly introduces the fluoroplastic cable and its market application.


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Characteristics of fluoroplastic cables

Compared with common polyvinyl chloride cables, fluoroplastic cables have the following outstanding features:

1.High temperature resistant: fluoroplastics have extraordinary thermal stability, which makes fluorine cable adapt to high temperature environment of 150 ~ 200 degrees, whereas common polyethylene and PVC cables are only suitable for working environment of 70 ~ 90 degrees. In addition, under the condition of the same cross-section conductor, the fluoroplastic cable can transmit more allowable current, which greatly increases the range of use of the cable. Because of this unique performance, fluoroplastic cable is often used in aircraft and naval vessels. Internal wiring and wiring of high-temperature furnaces and electronic equipment.

2.The flame retardant fluorine plastics have high oxygen index, small range of flame diffusion and less smoke. The cables made of them are suitable for places where flame retardancy is strictly required, such as computer networks, subways, vehicles, high-rise buildings and other public places. In the event of a fire, people can have a certain amount of time to distance themselves without being smothered by thick smoke. Gain valuable time for rescue.

3.The dielectric constant of fluoroplastics is lower than that of polyethylene. Therefore, compared with coaxial cables of coaxial structure, fluoroplastic cables have less attenuation and are more suitable for high frequency signal transmission. Nowadays, the use frequency of cable has become more and more high. At the same time, because fluorine plastic can withstand high temperature, it is often used as internal connection of transmission communication equipment, jumper and video audio cable between wireless transmission feeder and transmitter. In addition, fluoroplastic cable dielectric strength, insulation resistance, suitable for important instrument control cable.

4.Mechanochemical properties perfect fluoroplastics have high chemical bond energy, high stability, almost no effect of temperature, excellent weathering resistance and mechanical strength, and are not affected by all kinds of acids, bases and organic solvents. Therefore, it is suitable for environmental climate change and corrosive situations, such as petrochemical, oil refining, oil well instrument control and so on.

5. In electronic instruments, many wires are connected by welding methods. Due to the low melting temperature of plastics, it is easy to melt at high temperature and requires skilled welding technology. Some solder joints must have a certain welding time, which is also the reason for the popularity of fluoroplastic cables, such as the internal wiring of communication equipment and electronic instruments.

 6.The price of fluoroplastic raw materials is high, the production cost of cable is high, and the selling price is naturally high. This also limits the application of products. However, because of this, there are fewer competitive manufacturers. Customers who need to use fluoroplastic cables will not worry too much about price factors.