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PTFE Hollow Fiber Membrane Application
- Jan 04, 2019 -

             PTFE membrane materials have excellent hydrophobicity and antifouling properties, and lime is used instead of liquid alkali to adjust pH value in the process, which greatly reduces the operation cost. The system has the advantages of low energy consumption, high efficiency of ammonia removal, low operating cost, less occupied area and simple operation.

          The successful implementation of PTFE hollow fiber membrane contactor in the treatment of high ammonia nitrogen wastewater is another important development in its application. Through further cooperation with foreign countries, the research team is actively developing the application of the technology in the fields of natural gas or biogas purification, membrane distillation, waste osmotic liquid ammonia removal and sulfur-containing tail gas treatment.

         Recently, Cao Yiming, a researcher at Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics of Chinese Academy of Sciences, developed the PTFE (PTFE) hollow fiber membrane contactor, which was successfully applied to the project of removing high concentration ammonia and nitrogen from vanadium extraction wastewater. The wastewater treatment capacity of the project is 50 t / d, the influent ammonia nitrogen concentration is 2000-5000 mg / L, and the designed effluent ammonia nitrogen concentration is 10 mg / L.

            The results of the 20-hour on-site operation show that the ammonia-nitrogen concentration of the effluent is stable at 2-7mg/ L, and the requirements of the standard (10 mg/ L) and the national standard 1 A (8mg/ L) of the sewage discharge are met. This is an industrial case in the field of the application of PTFE hollow fiber membrane contactor technology in the field of high-ammonia-nitrogen wastewater treatment.

         In 2012, Cao Yimingundefineds team, under the guidance of Academician Yuan Quan of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, developed a high-performance PTFE hollow fiber membrane, which was successfully applied to the pilot project of natural gas CO2 removal by Malaysia Petroleum Corporation, and was awarded the first prize for technological progress by the China membrane Industry Association in 2016. He was recommended by the IchemE Global Awards in 2017.

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