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Kynar PVDF Film Technology Authorized By Arkema To SKC
- May 28, 2018 -

      Under the terms of the new licensing agreement, Arkema will license its patented multilayer structure fluorine film technology to South Korean film producer SKC Co., Ltd. for use in the photovoltaic module backplane market. 

      For many years, Arkema was the sole owner of patent-related technologies for multilayer PVDF thin films, which are based on Arkemaundefineds flagship Kynar PVDF resin. Arkema  PVDF.jpg

      After a series of tests and evaluations, Arkema now announces that the SKC film products (called FW3Bs) are comparable to Arkemaundefineds Kynar 302 PGM-TR films and has licensed SKC to produce the structureundefineds film products and sell them on the photovoltaic backplane market. In addition, Arkema-licensed photovoltaic backplane manufacturers specifically label their high-performance backplanes as KPK structure. KPK is a registered trademark of Arkema, referring specifically to the sandwich structure backplane with a PET barrier layer in the middle and a Kynar 302 PGM-TR film protective layer on both sides. The backplane customer of SKCundefineds PVDF film (called FW3B), manufactured using Arkemaundefineds license, can now apply to Arkema for a specific license to use the KPK trademark. 

      "there is no doubt that SKC has demonstrated to us that they have the ability to provide film products of the same quality and consistency as Arkema in this challenging market," said Ms. Xiaoyu Zhang, Asia Pacific President of Arkema Technology Polymer.

     "Arkema will continue to sell our own film products to our photovoltaic backplane customers, while also giving our fast-growing backplane customers the opportunity to obtain the same quality film products from our recognized film manufacturers." 

Kynar PVDF.jpg

     "We are pleased to sign the agreement with Arkema," said Mr. Kim Guishuo Kyu-seok, head of photovoltaic business at SKC. "our leading film production capacity will effectively supplement the market for Arkema, a classic film product. Itundefineds a win-win for both companies. "