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PVDF Tubes Have Become The Most Attractive One
- Jul 18, 2018 -

         In the period of the 11th Five-Year Plan, the forecast value of the valves needed for the large and medium power units in the electric power industry is 153000 tons of valves and 30600 tons of annual demand, and the total demand for valves is 3.96 billion yuan, with an average annual demand of 792 million yuan. Strong demand for valve products in the market. The state-owned economy continues to develop steadily. Investment in fixed assets was gradually expanded. In particular, for several century projects, such as "West-to-East Gas Transmission", "West-to-East Transmission of electricity", "South-to-North Water diversion" and other projects, a large number of valve products are needed for the commencement of the project. In addition, China is facing the arrival of the industrial era, petrochemical industry, electric power sector, etc. The use of valves in metallurgical, chemical and urban construction will increase demand for valve products.

         PVDF tube is the fastest growing thermoplastic fluorinated polymer in the world, which accounts for almost half of the total production of the thermoplastic fluorinated polymer. Because of its relatively low price and excellent comprehensive performance, its production growth rate is higher than that of PTFE and other fluorinated varieties, and it can successfully compete with PTFE in many fields. The material is required to have high wear resistance, solubility resistance, high strength, long term resistance to fluid pressure, multiple disassembly and assembly, good elasticity and plasticity, low sliding friction coefficient and low expansion coefficient, Excellent wear resistance and self-lubricating performance, and good impermeability and moisture absorption, etc., can withstand cold and heat resistance and temperature resistance to sharp changes, PVDF polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) is a thermoplastic resin with homopolymer and copolymers in particle and powder form.

        PVDF tubes have become the most attractive of all fluorinated polymers because they can be easily processed on traditional plastic processing equipment by injection molding, extrusion, molding, and dissolution. PVDF is a high strength. A corrosion-resistant substance, usually the .PVDF membrane used to make water pipes, binds to proteins and can separate small fragments of protein, initially for protein sequencing, because the nitrocellulose membrane degrades in the Edman reagent. So we found PVDF as a substitute. Although the efficiency of PVDF membrane binding protein is not as high as that of nitrocellulose membrane, but because of its stability and corrosion resistance, PVDF membrane has become an ideal product for protein sequencing. Can be used for a variety of dyeing and chemiluminescence detection, but also a wide range of applications. The PVDF membrane has higher sensitivity, resolution and protein affinity than the conventional membrane in fine processing. It is very suitable for the detection of low molecular weight protein. PVDF is a meltable fluorocarbon resin for coating, which consists of vinylidene fluoride (VDF) homopolymer with purity ≥ 99.99%. Fluorocarbon coatings made from PVDF resins have been prepared by spraying or roll coating. The coatings made by baking have unparalleled weather resistance and processability. PVDF applications are mainly concentrated in the three major fields of petrochemical, electronic and electrical, and fluorocarbon coatings. Due to its good chemical resistance, processability, fatigue resistance and creep resistance, PVDF is one of the best materials for pumps, valves, pipes, fittings, storage tanks and heat exchangers in the fluid handling system of petrochemical equipment.

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