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Solvay PVDF Material For Lithium Battery In CIBF Exhibition Site
- Jun 30, 2018 -

       At the CIBF exhibition site, Dr. Tao Chuanqi, Global Business Development Manager (alternative Energy) of Solvay Special Polymer Division, told OFweek that Solvay was the only supplier with emulsion and suspension polymerization technology to produce PVDF. In addition to providing a rich range of PVDF products for lithium battery positive and negative electrodes and separators, Solvayalso brings core panels and high-performance polymer materials related to battery modules and cooling to the industry. High performance battery materials make Solvaya leader in the industry. Dr Tao believes that "in the context of sustainable development, the lithium industry is the future development is very substantial." We hope to bring Solvay advanced materials and innovative technologies in the field of specialty polymers to the Chinese lithium market to help the industry improve battery performance. "PVDF Resin  Lithium Battery.jpg

      At present, the products of sol have entered China new energy automotive industry supply chain. Its technology and products are widely used in China new energy vehicle and power battery enterprises. In the market of lithium battery cathode material binder, especially the PVDF market used by Chinese batteries, it is in the position of a leader. Solvay is highly recognized by Chinese customers. Dr. Tao said that the super bonding agent of Solvay and the next generation can reduce the amount of binder and help customers to increase the energy density of the whole battery. In the trend of high nickel, even the 811 system material, this new binder has anti gel effect. The processing time is saved, and the processing cost is reduced on the other hand.

      In addition, the waterborne diaphragm coating material, on the one hand, is applied to the PVDF coating on the diaphragm to improve the service life of the battery. In addition, it improves the intermediate processing performance and ensures the bonding effect between the diaphragm and the electrode. Both in the battery and in the hot pressing process in the rear, the production efficiency can be improved.

      The PVDF plant in Changshu, sol, has been formally put into production in 2017. The global unified product standard, product application, better service to Chinese customers and meet the needs of China power battery industry. According to the direction of the whole development, we make our product strategy, including the development of new products. The user core of sol, will also continue to customize a number of different performance products to help customers to improve the competitiveness of the market.

      In addition, in view of the Chinese market, especially in the future high energy density, such as high nickel 811 three yuan system, Solvay will have new PVDF products, while maintaining the competitiveness of Solvay in the lithium industry, according to the trend of market development, to provide customers with better product solution and create value.

PVDF Resin Compression Molding.jpg