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Teflon Coatings-New Moulding Technology In Rubber Industry
- Jun 23, 2018 -

Teflon paint can be used in various rubber and plastic molds. Like: rubber conveyor belt, tire, shoe mold, rubber track, rubber plug, rubber roll, rubber pad, film production roller, rubber gloves, synthetic rubber belt, manufacturing polyethylene mould, Manufacturing epoxy and phenolic resin products of the mold and other complex mold.

One, what is Teflon paint? Teflon coating is a kind of fluorocarbon coating produced by DuPont Company of USA. The fluorine-containing resin PTFE,FEP,PFA,ETFE is used as the main functional raw material to synthesize various excellent formulations to meet the requirements of all walks of life.

Second, what are the benefits of Teflon paint? The surface of the substrate treated with Teflon coating can have many superior functions at the same time: non-viscosity, high and low temperature resistance, low friction, corrosion resistance, viscidity and moisture resistance, high insulation.

Third, why should we apply Teflon paint to the mold? There are many advantages:

(1) to ensure complete demoulding, greatly reduce the scrap rate;

(2) easy demoulding, Tianjin invoice to reduce labor intensity;

(3) no release agent, Reduce cost and environmental pollution and prevent rubber vulcanization and adhesion

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