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The Advantage Of PVDF Tube Piezoelectric Film
- Jul 06, 2018 -

There are peculiar dielectric effects, piezoelectric effects and thermoelectric effects in PVDF piezoelectric thin films. Compared with the traditional piezoelectric data, it has the characteristics of wide frequency response, large dynamic category, high intensity of power and electricity conversion, high mechanical strength and easy matching of acoustic impedance, and has the advantages of light weight, soft and brittle, impact resistance, not easy to be infected by water and chemical drugs, easy to be made into arbitrary shape and product with different products. It is widely used in the fields of mechanics, acoustics, optics, electronics, measurement, infrared, insurance alarm, medical care, military, transportation, information engineering, office initiative, Continental development, geological survey and so on. PVDF tube products include three kinds of gold, silver and aluminum. The thickness of the film is 30 - 500um. The shape and size of the product can be determined by the user. It is a new energy exchange data for the dynamic sensor to improve the pressure and the ultrasonic and intelligent detection.

PVDF tube piezoelectric film has high chemical stability, low hygroscopicity, high heat stability, high anti ultraviolet radiation ability, high impact resistance, fatigue resistance PP tube, its chemical stability is 10 times higher than ceramics, and can be used for a long time below 80. The PVDF tube piezoelectric film is soft and light in weight, similar to the acoustic impedance of water, good in matching condition and high in acuity. The harmonic frequency of the telescopic vibration of the PVDF tube piezoelectric film is very high, it can get a wider flat response, the width of the frequency response is far superior to the general piezoelectric ceramic transducer; the length of the PVDF tube piezoelectric film is as follows:

 (1} good The process. Use existing equipment to add soil;

(2) can produce large and product sensitive elements;

(3) wide band response (0 to 500MHz);

(4) sound impedance on human tissues and water, so it can be used in sensitive installation structures for medical diagnosis;

(5) there is high impact strength (which should be used in shock wave sensors)

(6) resistance to decay (when used in active media) This function is necessary.

 PVDF Granule  Extrusion.jpg


PVDF tube ultrafiltration membrane in the actual use of membrane pollution process is always an important topic in the industry. Effective methods for controlling membrane fouling include: proper choice of anti fouling membrane material, enhancement of filtration operation, and pretreatment of raw materials. In the household clean water industry, because of the limit of the operation request, too much help and complex filtering operation are obviously unrealistic, and the filter operation request of the clean water is simple and easy. The raw water of household water purifier is municipal tap water. Ultrafiltration membrane basically does not need to pre treat raw water. Therefore, the best way to control membrane fouling in the process of using ultrafiltration membrane is to choose suitable anti infective membrane materials. PVDF pipe is currently recognized as a highly resistant material in the world. Its PVDF pipe ultrafiltration membrane has much better antifouling performance than other materials. As a polymer containing fluorine, the fluorine has a strong negative polarity, which makes the PVDF membrane not easy to adsorb organic matter and has good anti fouling properties. The membrane structure produced by the PVDF tube is uniform, the pore distribution is average, the membrane surface is small and the inner hole is large PP plate. This structure is also one of the prerequisites for the membrane hole not easy to foul and plug.

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