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The Characteristic And Performance Of E-PTFE Material
- Sep 07, 2018 -

       E-PTFE is a kind of porous, low density and high toughness material which expands PTFE resin through a certain process. The so-called "puffing" is a processing method in which raw materials are suddenly decompressed and inflated under heating and pressure. Wilbert Gore, an American chemical researcher, used the word "puffing" in his 1972 patent. In his "puffing" description, the proportion of processed materials decreased, and the microstructure was described as "fibrous." For the patent, Wilbert Goreundefineds original intention was to produce an easy-to-use sealing material with excellent PTFE quality, but less starting material was used. Goreundefineds first patent introduced the production of banded PTFE, by extruder, which was then transformed into what is now known as expanded polytetrafluoroethylene (e-PTFE). 

     In fact, as early as 1969, Gore discovered that PTFE could be made into porous materials with almost constant strength and uniform cross-section shapes. He also found that rapid stretching at high temperatures could produce products with superior properties. Gore proposed to improve the porous products, but reduced the demand for fillers. Gore explained that reducing the packing in the processing process can not only lower the processing cost, but also reduce the risk of impurities. Gore found that when the crystallinity of the initial polymer exceeded 98, the extruding process could be greatly improved. Gore found that uniaxial tension, especially in high ratio expansion, can not only increase the porosity of expanded PTFE, but also increase the strength of polymer. Under the condition of the lowest melting point of PTFE, the degree of disorder of the crystalline polymer increases and the content of amorphous structure increases. The strength of the material is improved as a result of locking the grains and fibers and enhancing the creep resistance. On the basis of Goreundefineds research, researchers can now make films from bentonite materials to separate wettability and non-wettability liquids, including corrosive liquids, from other materials. Compared with unexpanded PTFE, expanded PTFE can bond with other materials more easily, which proves that the heat resistance of expanded PTFE is enhanced.

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