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The Comprehensive Information of Poly Aluminum Chloride in Water Treatment Industry (1)
- Jun 18, 2018 -

 The Basic Introduction of Poly Aluminum Chloride


       A new water purification material, inorganic polymer coagulant, water-soluble inorganic polymer, chemical formula [Al2 (OH) nCl6-nLm], in which M represents the degree of polymerization, n represents the neutral degree of PAC products in.M products, n=1-5 is a highly charged polymerized ring chain with Keggin structure, highly electrically neutralized and bridged in water colloids and particles. As a result of the bridging effect of hydroxyl ions and the polymerization of polyvalent anions, the polymerized aluminum chloride is a relatively high molecular weight and high charge inorganic polymer water treatment agent due to the bridging effect of hydroxyl ions and the polymerization of polyvalent anions.High Purity PAC.jpg

Property and Application of  Poly Aluminum Chloride

      Poly Aluminium chloride has adsorption, coagulation, precipitation and other properties, its stability is poor, corrosive, such as accidental splash on the skin to wash immediately with water. Workers should wear overalls, masks, gloves and rubber boots. Poly aluminium chloride has the advantages of good spray drying stability, wide water adaptability, fast hydrolysis speed, strong adsorption ability, large alum flower formation, quick dense precipitation, low turbidity of effluent, good dehydration performance, and so on. Spray-drying products can ensure safety, reduce water accidents, and is very safe and reliable for drinking water. Therefore, poly aluminium chloride, also referred to as high-efficiency poly aluminum chloride, high-efficiency PAC or high-efficiency spray-dried poly aluminum chloride. Poly aluminium chloride is suitable for pH of raw water with various turbidity, but its sedimentation effect is not as good as poly acrylamide compared with poly acrylamide. The basicity of poly aluminium chloride is a relatively important index in poly aluminium, especially for drinking water grade poly aluminum products. The lower the base, the higher the price, and the buyer can operate according to the actual situation of the manufacturer. In addition, different raw materials, different production process of poly aluminum chloride products are different basicity, which requires manufacturers to adjust. The economic benefit of production and application can be greatly improved by increasing the basicity of poly aluminium chloride products. When the basicity is increased from 65% to 92%, the cost of raw materials can be reduced by 20%, and the cost of use can be reduced by 40%.

Concentration Ratio Method of Poly Aluminium Chloride

      When the solid polymeric aluminum chloride is diluted into liquid , firstly , the optimal dosage can be obtained according to the condition of raw water and before use . When the polymerization aluminum chloride is used in production , the solution is mixed and dissolved according to the mass ratio of polymerized aluminum chloride solid : clear water = 1 : 9 - 1 : 15 . When the aluminum oxide content is less than 1 % , the solution is easy to hydrolyze , the use effect is reduced , the concentration is too high , and the dosage is not easy to be added .

If the alum flower in the sedimentation tank is large and turned upside down , the addition amount of alum is too large to be properly adjusted .

Colour and Raw Material of Poly Aluminum Chloride


      The colors of polyaluminium chloride are generally white, yellow, brown, and different colors of polyaluminium chloride are also different in application and production technology. The content of alumina in the range of national standard is between 27% and 30%, the polyaluminium chloride is mostly khaki-yellow, to yellow, yellowish solid powder. These kinds of polyaluminium chloride have good water solubility. With the physical and chemical changes such as electrochemistry, coagulation, adsorption and precipitation, the flocculation is fast and coarse, the activity is high, the precipitation is fast, and the purification effect of high turbidity water is obvious. White polyaluminium chloride is the highest quality product because it is called high-purity iron-free white polyaluminium chloride, or food-grade white polyaluminium chloride. The main raw material is high-quality aluminum hydroxide powder, hydrochloric acid, hydrochloric acid, The production process adopted is the most advanced technology of spray drying in China. White polyaluminium chloride is used in many fields such as paper sizing agent, sugar decolorizing agent, tanning leather, medicine, cosmetics, precision casting and water treatment. The raw materials of yellow polyaluminium chloride are calcium aluminate powder, hydrochloric acid, bauxite, mainly used in sewage treatment and drinking water treatment, and the raw materials for drinking water treatment are aluminum hydroxide powder, hydrochloric acid, and a little calcium aluminate powder. The process adopted is plate and frame pressure filtration process or spray drying process. For drinking water treatment, the country has strict requirements for heavy metals, so both raw materials and production process are better than brown polyaluminium chloride. Yellow polyaluminium chloride is usually produced by drum drying or spray drying tower, there are two solid forms: flake and powder. The raw materials of brown polyaluminium chloride are calcium aluminate powder, hydrochloric acid, bauxite and iron powder. The production process is to adopt drum drying, which is generally mainly used in sewage treatment. Because iron powder is added inside, the color is brown, and the more iron powder is added, the darker the color is. Iron powder is also called polyaluminium ferric chloride if it exceeds a certain amount at some time, and it has excellent effect in sewage treatment.

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