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The Comprehensive Information Of Poly Aluminum Chloride In Water Treatment Industry (3)
- Jun 25, 2018 -

Dosage of Poly Aluminium Chloride during application


The solid product is dissolved into liquid at 1:3, then diluted to the desired concentration with 10-30 times clear water. The optimum PH value was 3.5-5.0, and the best PH value could play the greatest benefit in coagulation. According to the turbidity of raw water, the optimum dosage can be determined. When the turbidity of general raw water is 100-500 mg / L, the dosage per kiloton is 10-20 kg. When the turbidity of raw water is high, the dosage can be increased properly, and the dosage can be reduced when turbidity is low. Rural use, can be put into the water tank, stirring evenly, static, supernatant can be used, every 50 kg add this medicine about 1 gram. If the agent is combined with the polymeric flocculant produced by the company, the effect is better. The company can be used to produce anionic polyacrylamide or cationic polyacrylamide, which can be dissolved with PAC to form a composite flocculant, or PAC can be added to the treated water body to form a coagulant. Then the anion polyacrylamide produced by the company was added to the adsorption bridge to form a large flocculant.

The dosage of polyaluminium chloride in different water quality:

First, in low turbidity water, dilute the solid polyaluminium chloride product in proportion of 1:3 (weight ratio) with tap water, and stir until completely dissolved in two to live, In the waste water for production, the poly aluminium chloride products of about 30 g per ton of sewage are added first.

Then add the diluted poly acrylamide product, (if the effect is not obvious, please reduce or increase the product dosage as appropriate.)

Three, in the paper mill sewage treatment, use the low turbidity water proportion configuration, When the turbidity of raw water is 100-500 mg / L, the dosage of 5-10mg is 5-10 kg per kiloton of water, the best value should be selected according to the characteristics of water quality before use.



Waste water

 Kg/1000T water

Waste water

 Kg/1000T water

Drinking water


Industrial Waste water


Monicipal Waste water


electroplating effluent


Metallurgical waste water


Paper making waste water


Printing and dyeing waste water


Bleaching and dyeing waste water


Lacquer waste water


Tannery waste water


Food Waste water


Chemical Wastewater


Emulsified waste water


Coal washing waste water




Polyaluminium Chloride and precautions

1 plastic woven bags for external use, containing plastic film sets, each bag with a net weight of 25 kg, can also be modified according to the userundefineds requirements, and is also sold by liquid polyaluminium chloride.

2 this product is prohibited from being mixed with toxic substances, Transport and storage, products should be stored indoor dry, ventilated, cool, and do not suffer moisture.

3 loading and unloading should be careful light, solid product storage period of one year.

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