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The Main Properties Of FEP Pipes And PFA Pipes
- Aug 22, 2018 -

The products of fluoroplastic pipe/ FEP Pipes / PFA pipes are characterized by excellent high temperature resistance and low temperature performance, which can be used at -80 + 250 ℃ for a long time: weather aging resistance, fire resistance, high oxygen index, no water absorption, radiation resistance, such as long-term exposure to the atmosphere, Its surface and properties remain basically unchanged, excellent dielectric properties, high voltage resistance, excellent corrosion resistance, almost no solvent, in strong acid Wang Shui, strong alkali concentrated light sodium oxide, strong corrosion agent uranium pentafluoride will not be corroded; Wear resistance, static friction coefficient is plastic medium and small, self-lubricating performance is good, has special surface non-viscosity, good tensile strength. Widely used in aerospace, instrumentation, medical pharmacy, electronic appliances, post and telecommunications, petrochemical, metallurgical power, household appliances, lighting, etc.

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