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The Market Application Pattern Of Fluorocarbon Coatings Has Changed Obviously
- May 30, 2018 -

In recent years, especially after 2012, the application pattern of fluorocarbon coatings has changed obviously. In traditional downstream industries such as building industry and steel structure field, the application of solvent-based FEVE fluorocarbon coatings presents different patterns. Especially, the coating of large bridges shows an obvious increasing trend, but the application in building tends to use waterborne fluorocarbon coating (not FEVEV). This also fully reflects the manufacture equipment.jpgfluorocarbon coatings end-customer understanding of fluorocarbon coatings and tend to rational. Steel structures, especially large bridges, tend to use high-solid products to reduce VOC release. The application pattern of another kind of fluorocarbon coating, PVDF fluorocarbon coating, is changed, the amount of PVDF coating used for roller coating is reduced obviously, and the majority of sprayed veneer coating powder coatings of PVDF also show an increasing trend. These changes can be attributed to the rational regression of the high performance of fluorocarbon coatings and the requirement of national environmental protection and safety reform to force changes in the technology and variety of fluorocarbon coatings.

According to the forthcoming annual report on the paint industry (2013 edition), the total output of fluorocarbon coatings in China exceeded 30,000 tons in 2013, but as in 2012, the production capacity in this area is still significantly higher than the demand. Due to the influence of the general environment, that is, the state slows down the pace of economic development, reduces duplication of construction, and stops the implementation of blind construction project policies, the demand is obviously reduced, and the profits of only a few enterprises in the fluorocarbon paint industry have increased. Most companies are down slightly from 2012. This is due to the low demand of downstream enterprises, upstream enterprises, that is, fluorocarbon resin raw materials market weakness, the lack of support for fluorocarbon resin, but also hindered the scale of fluorocarbon coatings application. 

Compared with 2012, the dosage of PVDF coating was stable and FEVE coating had no obvious increase. The Annual report of the Coatings Industry (2013 edition) covers a large number of objective data, such as output data, economic operation data, import and export data, ex-factory price index, raw material price data, enterprise patent data, etc. The establishment of new standards in the industry has also strengthened the analysis of the market development in the fields of coatings and raw materials, covering the construction coatings market, automotive coatings, fluorine coatings, thermal insulation coatings, wood coatings, powder coatings, Light curing coatings and waterborne polyurethane, pigments, titanium dioxide and many other fields, and from macroeconomic to real estate, cars, motorcycles, steel, painted plates, shipbuilding, home appliances, Furniture and other key paint terminal market in 2013 development situation were analyzed in detail.
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