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Value Analysis Of PVDF Materials
- Jul 16, 2018 -

       PVDF is a kind of polyvinylidene fluoride material for short, its appearance is translucent or white powder or particle, the molecular chain arrangement is tight, also has the strong hydrogen bond. PVDF mainly concentrates in the petroleum chemical industry. PVDF, as a high strength and corrosion resistant material, is usually used to make PVDF tubes as water pipes in the three major fields of electronic, electrical and fluorocarbon coatings. And the PVDF membranes that were made could bind proteins very well, and they could isolate small fragments of proteins, initially for protein sequencing, because the nitrocellulose membrane degrades in the Edman reagent, so itundefineds looking for PVDF as a substitute. Although PVDF membrane binding protein is not as efficient as nitrocellulose membrane, its stability and corrosion resistance make it an ideal product for protein sequencing. It has been used up to now.PVDF Resin  Lithium Battery.jpg

1) PVDF has poor hydrophilicity.

2) PVDF has excellent resistance to ultraviolet radiation and high energy radiation.

3) PVDF has excellent chemical corrosion resistance, excellent high temperature resistance to color denaturation and resistance to oxidation. Flexibility, high tensile strength and impact strength. Due to the good chemical stability and electrical insulation of PVDF materials, they are not only made into PVDF tubes, It is also widely used in storage and transportation of high purity chemicals in semiconductor industry. Porous membranes, gels and separators made of PVDF resins are used in lithium secondary batteries. At present, this application has become one of the fastest growing markets for PVDF.

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