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Welding Installation Of PFA Pipe As A Chemical Supply Pipeline
- Jul 31, 2018 -

       Chemical conveyance pipelines are usually welded PFA pipes with specifications DN10 / 20 / 25 / 50 and their fittings. The pipes and accessories are welded by special PFA welding machines, and the connections to the equipment are usually flange connections. 

       This type of pipeline is generally used in the pipeline from the receiving device to the chemical receiving tank to the supply device. The chemical supply pipeline is composed of PFA pipes, from the receiving device to the chemical storage tank, and from the chemical storage tank to the chemical supply device. The outer tube is transparent PVC tube, and the inner tube is composed of welded PFA tube and PFA elbow. When the inner pipe of PFA pipe is welded, the outer tube is almost installed synchronously, and the inner pipe is connected with the straight pipe, and the jacket tube is then installed outside the inner pipe, only reserved at the elbow for the time being. 

       The straight pipe of the jacket pipe is connected by straight two way bonding. After welding the elbow of the inner tube, the outer tube is symmetrically split into two halves, then the inner tube elbow is buttoned outside, and the two ends of the jacket tube are bonded together. The hot air welding torch and PVC electrode are used to restore the seam. The method is the same as that of common PVC plastic hot air welding. Before welding, the two ports to be welded are relatively fixed in the fixture of the welding equipment, and a double-sided heating plate is arranged in the gap between the two end faces. The heating plate does not contact the end of the pipe when the heating plate is heated. 

       The two ends are heated to a melting temperature by thermal radiation. When the degree of melting is appropriate, remove the heating plate immediately, quickly contact the two ends and apply a certain pressure, so that the pipe ends melt and flow, it can form mixing and fusion, when cooled, the original contact surface disappears, at the same time, The two ends are joined together, and the weld never changes. When welding the PFA pipe, the operating place should be clean, dry and well ventilated. At the same time, no side of the heating plate shall be defaced by contact with the end of the pipe during heating, and the end of the pipe shall be avoided. And the pipe cutting should adopt special cutting knife with ratchet wheel to cut the tube. 

       In the welding process, the interface shall not be misplaced; always keep the PFA pipe clean. Pipe and equipment connection, generally using flange connection, flange and pipe welding connection, as mentioned above, pipe flange and equipment interface flange connection method is the same as ordinary flange connection method.

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