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What Is The Advantage Of PTFE Tube?
- Aug 13, 2018 -

     Since the PTFE tube, it has been used in many parts of the project to replace the traditional pipe. What is the application of PTFE Tube in engineering, and how to use it, we need to know more about it. The following is an introduction to this aspect. When the PTFE pipe is used in engineering, all prefabricated work is carried out at the bridge head and pushed up to the bridge section by section, without the need for heavy gravity and long-distance transportation, and no scaffolding is required in the bridge hole. 

     So it will not be affected by the flow of water and traffic under the bridge. Generally speaking, temporary steel bent piers must be added only if the span of the porous bridge exceeds 60 meters, but these steel frames can be removed and recovered. 

     For example, only one large hole spans a river or valley, although its span is over 100 meters long. Temporary piers may not be installed in large holes. Because the friction coefficient of PTFE tube is very small, it is only between 2% and 5%, so even for a bridge weighing tens of thousands of tons, only a few hundred tons of top thrust is required. Therefore, in the construction process, PTFE tubes need to push the equipment is relatively simple. 

      And even if the loss of fluorine tube, the overall construction cost is not high. In the use of tetrafluorine pipe in engineering, the construction period is generally not affected by the seasons such as flood and floating ice, so it is easy to grasp the construction schedule. If the short section of 4 ~ 5 meters can be developed to a long section of tens of meters, the construction progress can be greatly accelerated. This is the unique application of Tetrafluorotubes in engineering.

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