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What Is The Most Important For Poly Aluminium Chloride In Water Treatment Industry
- Jun 23, 2018 -

         Three major indicators of polyaluminium chloride, aluminum content, basicity, water insoluble. Among them, basicity is an important index, and it is also a reference index for manufacturers to control production. The basicity is one of the most important quality indexes and the most important production control parameters of polyaluminium chloride products.

         1. Basicity: the degree of hydroxylation or alkalinity of a certain form in polyaluminium chloride is called basicity or alkalinity. The mole ratio B = [OH] / [Al] is generally expressed as a percentage. Basicity is one of the most important indexes of polyaluminium chloride, which is closely related to flocculation effect. The higher the concentration of raw water and the higher the salinity, the better the flocculation effect. In summary, in the range of turbidity 86 to 10 000 mg / L of raw water, the optimum basicity of polyaluminium chloride is 40% to 85%, and many other properties of polyaluminium chloride are related to basicity.High Purity PAC.jpg

         2.Ph value: the pH of polyaluminium chloride solution is also an important index. It represents the amount of OH-in the free state of the solution. The pH value of polyaluminium chloride generally increases with the increase of basicity, but there is no corresponding relationship between pH value and basicity of liquid with different composition. When the concentration is different, the pH value of liquid with the same basicity concentration is different.

         3. Alumina content: alumina content in polyaluminium chloride is a measure of the effective component of the product, and it has a certain relationship with the relative density of the solution. Generally speaking, the higher the relative density, the higher the alumina content. The viscosity of polyaluminium chloride is related to the content of alumina, and increases with the increase of alumina content. Under the same conditions and the same concentration of alumina, the viscosity of polyaluminium chloride is lower than that of aluminum sulfate, which is more favorable for transportation and use.

          For solid poly aluminum chloride, the index of base degree is very important. In general, the base degree of poly aluminum chloride is 40-95% (adjustable salt base degree) and the salt base degree of the polyaluminum chloride product is increased. The economic benefit of production and use can be greatly improved. The base degree of base degree can be increased from 65% to 92%, the cost of raw material can be reduced by 20% and the cost of use can be reduced by 40%.. For polyaluminium chloride prices, the lower the basicity, the higher the production process, the higher the price, the less the dosage.

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