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Why Can FEP Tubes Be Used In Special Working Conditions?
- Aug 07, 2018 -

     The application of FEP tubes is becoming more and more extensive, which is closely related to their unique material and excellent properties. 

     The pipes are made of the copolymers of tetrafluoroethylene and hexafluoropropylene as the main materials. It is also a kind of PTFE modified material. Because of this, it has similar properties with PTFE, and it also has good processability of thermoplastic. 

     Thatundefineds why FEP tubes have a lot of good properties, not only very high electrical insulation, but also good physical properties, strong chemical stability, mechanical properties, and other properties, and so on. More durable than ordinary plastic pipes. 

     These excellent properties of FEP tubes can be of great help in some highly sophisticated industries, such as important circuits. If long-term exposure to corrosion occurs outside, but if it is protected by a tube of FEP material, the line in it will not be damaged by changes in the external environment. Because FEP tubes can be used in any harsh environment, they can be used at high temperatures and high frequencies, such as transmission wires for electronic equipment. 

     Computer internal connection wire and other motor winding wire insulation protection and so on. But it is also due to the high stability and corrosion resistance of the FEP tube, which makes its price not low, but it is worthwhile to choose the tube of this kind of high quality material under some special conditions. 

     With the maturity of FEP tube technology, the fineness and fineness of the product are required more and more, so as to bring into play the potential ability of the tube.

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