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Why It Is PTFE Sheet, Not Other Plastic Sheet?
- Jul 17, 2018 -

     PTFE sheet, also called teflon sheet, made of 100% pure PTFE by molding, turning, cutting and other processes. In known plastic, it has good chemical corrosion resistance, aging, electrical insulation, and very low friction coefficient, in the case of no load in -180~ 260. It is suitable for use in flat gaskets, V gaskets, lining materials and other sealing materials, piston rings, guide ways and other lubricating materials, electrical insulation materials, anti sticking materials, etc.

     PTFE sheet, durable, reliable sealing performance, PTFE material itself has good corrosion resistance and aging, after special processing has a very good creep resistance and cold resistance, can be used in a very wide temperature range for long-term safety, soft and easy to cut, can be mechanically or manually cut, easy to install. The pad is white, clean and clean, and will not contaminate the contacting medium due to falling off.

PTFE production process:

1) raw material preparation; ingredients: pure F4 products, raw materials F4 fine resin, mashed, sifting.

2) mold preparation: wipe with alcohol, no rust, no attachments.

3) weigh the weight according to formula G=PV (where G is the feed volume and P is the prefabricated density (2.18g/cm3) V for the volume of the product).

4) feeding: evenly distribute F4 resin on the entire pressing surface.

5) pre molding (pressing): press the press gauge according to the formula and set the press gauge.

6) demolished and trimmed: remove the semi-finished products from the mold, trim the surface, make the surface smooth and neat.

7) sintering: put the semi-finished product into the sintering furnace, put it in the appropriate quantity, heat up about one hour to 390 degrees, heat the heat for one hour, and then start the cooling after about the molding. After about four hours, it reaches the indoor temperature, makes the finished product and finalize the finalize.

     PTFE (also called tetrafluoroethylene, Teflon plate, Teflon plate) split molding and turning two kinds. The molding plate is made of PTFE resin at normal temperature by molding, then sintered and cooled. PTFE turning board is made of PTFE resin through press, sintering and rotary cutting. Its products are widely used and are very useful. For the superior comprehensive performance: high and low temperature (-192 C -260 C), corrosion resistance (strong acid, strong alkali, water and so on), climate, high insulation, high lubrication, non adhesion, non-toxic and other excellent characteristics.

     PTFE is mainly used as the lining of electrical insulation material and contact corrosion medium, supporting slide block, track seal and lubricating material, widely used in chemical industry, medicine, dyestuff container, tank, reaction tower kettle, anticorrosion lining material for large pipeline; machinery, building, traffic bridge slider, guide rail; printing and dyeing, light industry, textile industry Anti sticky material, etc.

PTFE board, PTFE rod characteristics:

1. the temperature range is very wide (-200 degrees Celsius to 260 degrees Celsius).

2. basically, all chemicals are corrosion-resistant except for some fluoride and alkaline metals.

3. excellent mechanical properties, including aging resistance, especially for bending and swinging applications.

4. outstanding flame retardancy (in line with ASTM-D635 and D470 test procedures, is regulated as flame retardant material in air.

5. excellent insulation properties, regardless of frequency and temperature.

6. water absorption rate is very low, and has a series of unique properties such as self lubrication and non sticky.

The application field of PTFE plate:

PTFE plate can be used in sealing / washer, ring material, wear-resistant plate / seat electricity, insulation parts, corrosion resistance industry, mechanical parts, lining, petroleum and natural gas, petroleum industry, chemical industry, instrument manufacturer and so on.

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