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PFA Resin Film

PFA Resin Film

PFA resin Film DS701 Main performance Properties of soluble Polytetrafluoroethane (PFAs) formed: 1. Crystallization material, small moisture absorption. The product can be processed by the usual thermoplastic processing method. 2, The fluidity is poor, easy to decompose, the decomposition...

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Translucent particle,with impurities such as metal debris and sand,containing visible black particles percentage point less than 6%









Relative Gravity(25C)



Melting Point



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Water Absorption



Main performance Properties of soluble Polytetrafluoroethane (PFAs) formed:

1. Crystallization material, small moisture absorption. The product can be processed by the usual thermoplastic processing method.

2, The fluidity is poor, easy to decompose, the decomposition produces the corrosion gas. The molding temperature should be strictly controlled not to exceed 475 degrees, the mould should be heated to 150-200 degrees, and the flow resistance of the casting system should be small.

3, Translucent granular, injection molding, extrusion molding. Molding temperature 350-400 degrees above 475 degrees easy to cause discoloration or bubble. And note that demoulding will be more difficult.

4. Due to the corrosion of molten materials to metals, long-term production, mold needs chromium plating treatment.

The PFA powder extruded film is colorless, basically transparent, while the thicker sheet is translucent, weathering and weatherproof. The friction coefficient of the raw material can be used outdoors for a long time is 0.236%. The friction coefficient of PTFE is 0.08. The friction coefficient of PTFE is close to that of FEP and PTFE, but it can still be used for some anti-viscosity applications. The physical and mechanical properties of PFA at room temperature are very similar to those of PTFE resin, and it can be used in the temperature range of PTFE application. Therefore, compared with FEP resin, the physical and mechanical properties of PFA resin are similar. But when the temperature is raised, the strength of the raw material is better than that of FEP at high temperature. The stress-cracking resistance of FEP.PFA is superior to that of PTFE in terms of physical and mechanical properties electrical properties chemical stability lubricity non-viscosity flame retardancy and atmospheric aging resistance. Its outstanding characteristic is that it has good thermoplasticity. The melting point of the molding. PFA can be made by injection, extrusion and blow molding. Although the melting point is lower than that of PTFE, the long-term service temperature is the same as that of PTFE. The mechanical strength at high temperature is better than that of PTFE.PFA in dielectric constant and dielectric loss angle tangent is very small, and the influence of temperature is very small, so it is an ideal high frequency insulating material.

The application field of fusible PTFE, PFA is the same as that of PTFE, but it can form more complex products than PTFE, such as non-stick, heat resistance and corrosion resistance of powder coating, which makes it widely used in anti-adhesion of press roller of photocopier. Anti-stick coating for hopper, roller, mould, container, screen and polyurethane foam molding mould of food processing machine. After the light bulb is coated with PFA film, the film is strong at high temperature and plays a protective role. It can obviously reduce the injury caused by the breaking and dispersing of the glass, and it is not easy to adhere to the oil fume and improve the brightness of the light. Light bulbs used in high-rise buildings such as expressways, stadiums, etc. can reduce the cost of cleaning and maintenance if they are protected by PFA film. PFAs are in fact a modification of PTFE, which has excellent comprehensive performance but cannot be melted. It retains almost most of the advantages of PTFE, but also because of the decrease of crystallinity, melting point and melt viscosity, it can be hot-melt processing, commonly known as fusible PTFE. It is superior to FEP in terms of high temperature resistance and stress cracking resistance. It has excellent flexural resistance and superior mechanical strength at high temperature, only because the cost and price of PFA is almost twice as high as that of FEP and more than three times that of PTFE. Therefore, PFA has been applied in many high-end fields, such as the semiconductor industry. MFA has the same performance as PFA. In Europe, MFAs are produced and used, while in the United States and Japan, they are widely used. Chinaundefineds current consumption of PFA is on the rise, the volume is not in the mainstream position. Early PFA applications in chemical engineering were limited to experimental beaker, beaker and flask washing vessels and reactors, distillation towers, storage tanks, piping and pipe fittings (integral or lining), components, etc. When used as lining material, its resistance to stress cracking and easy to weld is superior to FEP, and it has higher reliability.

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