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Chloro Alkali Membrane DF2801

Chloro Alkali Membrane DF2801

Brief Introduction of Chloro Alkali Membrane DF2801
1: For 30-34% NaOH production
2: Suitable for high current density cells
3:Current Density:4.5 kA/Squaremeter
4:Cell Voltage: 4.2V
5:Current Efficiency: 95% Above
6:2150 kWh/t NaOH

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Product Details

Detailed Introduction of Chloro Alkali Membrane DF2801

DF2801 High Current Density Membrane

Membranes with sacrificial thread channels, with low cell voltage, for 30-34% NaOH

production, suitable for high current density cells. DF2801 membrane has better tolerance for

impurities in feeding brine.

The cross-section of the membrane:


Fig 2. Cross-section of the high current density membrane

DF2801 Specification.png

*All test performed in lab cells with 50 effective area, at 3.5 or 4.5kA/m2 current density, 32% NaOH, 205g/L

NaCl concentration (outlet), 85-90℃ electrolyte temperature, 1mm elelctrode gap and activated cathode.

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