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PVDF Granule Compression Molding

PVDF Granule Compression Molding

Introduction of PVDF Granule Compression Molding FR903
1:Specific Gravity:1.75-1.79
2:Melting Point: 160-170
3:Melting Index: 1-5g/10min
4:Tensile Yield Strength 35Mpa Min
6:Package: 25KG Per Drum

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Introduction of PVDF Granule Compression Molding FR903

PVDF  Properties

•Excellent chemical resistance at ambient and elevated temperatures, inert in some of the most stringent environments such as concentrate acids and halogens

•Excellent weatherability•Insensitive to UV rays•Excellent radiation resistance•Good thermomechanical properties•High tensile strength•High mechanical strength•Low water absorption•Excellent barrier properties•Outstanding toughness in the most extreme exposure conditions•Abrasion-resistant•Flame-resistant•Self-extinguishing•High purity •FDA compliant•Easy to machine

PVDF  Applications

•Chemical processing industry (CPI)

A:Chemical production B:Transport and storage systems

C:Filtration and separation equipment  D:Heat exchangers

•High-purity semiconductor market•Oil & gas industry,•Automotive•Electronics•Chimney linings•Fuel cells•Food processing•Pharmaceutical industry•High-purity fluid handling •Aerospace

Technical Index of PVDF Granule for Compression Molding FR903




Test Method

Specific Gravity



ASTM D792,@23/23°C

Melting Point



ASTM D3418,10°C/MIN

Melt Flow Index



ASTM D1238,230°C/12.5kg

Water Absorption



ASTM  D570

Tensile Yield Strength



ASTM D638,50MM/MIN@23°C

Elongation at Yield



Tensile Break Strength



Elongation at Break




Shore D


ASTM  D2240

Besides the PVDF homopolymers, Solvay Solexis offers a wide products range of VF2- HFP copolymers, and VF2-CTFE copolymers which stand out for their better cold temperature behaviour. The VF2-CTFE range comprises the Solef 60000 series, which offers an improved balance between good cold temperature properties and thermomechanical properties of the homopolymers. PVDF is extensively used in the general chemical processing industry, the high purity semiconductor market, and the wire and cable industry. Solvay Solexis today offers a growing choice of PVDF grades which are associated with new applications such as the Oil and Gas industry, Automotive, Building industry, Electronics, Chimney linings, Lithium Batteries, Fuel cells, Food and Pharmaceutical industries.

Meanwhile, we let you know our more PVDF materials as below:

PVDF Materials:

1.PVDF Resin-FR904 for film production

2.PVDF Resin-FR905 for Lithium Battery

3.PVDF Resin-FR903 for Compression Molding  (Fishing Line)

4.PVDF Resin-FR906 for Injection

5:PVDF Resin-FR907 for Extrusion(Fishing Line)

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