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PVDF Granule Extrusion

PVDF Granule Extrusion

Introduction of PVDF Resin for Extrusion PVDF FR907
1.Specific Gravity 1.77-1.19
2.Melting Point 164-177 degree Celsius
3.Melt Flow Index 10-25 g/10min
4:Tensile Yield Strength 40Mpa Min
5:Tenshile Break Strength 40Mpa min
6:Package: 25kg

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Product Details

Product Description of PVDF Resin for Extrusion PVDF FR907

PVDF has excellent high temperature resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, high strength and good processability, fatigue resistance, creep resistance and so on. It is an ideal anticorrosive material for fluid treatment system of chemical equipment. For example, PV D F resin can be used as a whole or lining pump, valve, pipe, pipe fittings, storage tank and heat exchanger, etc.

The chemical stability and electrical insulation of PVD F are good, and they are widely used in electronic and electrical industries. Since the 1990s, with the rapid development of microelectronics industry, ultra-pure water has been used more and more, and the purity requirement is higher and higher. The equipment made of PVDF material can meet the requirements of to CS and flame retardant. For example, PV D F brands such as Kynarine Fles are clean, they are cleaned strictly by 18M G H ultrapure water in the production process, they are easy to process and can be processed without additives, the processing temperature is relatively low, no metal ions are introduced, the strength is high, the strength is not easy to damage, and the acid resistance is good. It is widely used in semiconductor industry to store and transport high purity chemicals.

Quality Specification of PVDF Resin for Extrusion PVDF FR907




Test Method

Specific Gravity



ASTM D792,@23/23°C

Melting Point



ASTM D3418,10°C/MIN

Melt Flow Index



ASTM D1238,230°C/12.5kg

Water Absorption



ASTM  D570

Tensile Yield Strength



ASTM D638,50MM/MIN@23°C

Elongation at Yield



Tensile Break Strength



Elongation at Break




Shore D


ASTM D2240

The processing of PVDF resin does not need additives such as lubricants and stabilizers, such as molybdenum disulfide, graphite, glass fiber and so on. Different from perfluoro resin, the processing equipment for the processing of PVDF resin can be made of polyvinyl chloride and polyolefin. The material does not have to be stainless steel. The PVDF resin is not wetting, and it is not necessary to dry before processing. PVDF resin is a highly crystalline polymer with a larger compression shrinkage rate of about 3%. Therefore, it can be machined for sawing, planing, drilling, grinding and turning, and can also be used for welding and surface metallization.

The PVDF resin can be processed by the processing method of general thermoplastics. The specific conditions are as follows.

1 Molding

Preheat PVDF resin powder to 180~ 190, mold insulation to 160~ 170, 14MP a pressure under pressure of 5 m in can quickly water cooling, or under this pressure to cool to 90 out of the mold. Commonly used in the pump and valve lining, pipes, fittings and other parts.

2 Extrusion

The extruded PVDF resin can be L /D = 20 with unequal depth, which is usually applied to extruded polyethylene screw. The temperature of the cylinder is 205~ 260 and the die temperature is 220~275; it can be extruded in various kinds of products, such as plate, rod, tube and membrane.

3 Injection molding

Injection pressure is 80~ 110 MPa, barrel temperature is 220~ 290, nozzle temperature is 180~ 260, mold temperature is 60~ 90, molding cycle is 40~ 60 s. injection molding is one of the most commonly used processing forms of PVDF resin, which can be processed in various kinds of containers and plates.

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