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PVDF Granule for Injection

PVDF Granule for Injection

Introduction of PVDF Powder Injection FR906
1:Melting Index:8-26 g/10min
2:Specific Gravity: 1.77-1.79
3:Melting Point:165-171
4:Moisture: Max 0.1%
5:Package: 25kg Per Drum

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Introduction of PVDF Granule for Injection FR906

PVDF (homopolymers and copolymers) is generally synthesized by the free radical polymerization of 1,1-difluoroethylene (CH2=CF2). The polymerization takes place in the suspension or emulsion from 10-150°C and pressure of 10-300 atm. The material obtained is then processed into film or sheets.


1,1-difluoroethylene - PVDF Monomer




Structure of PVDF

Chlorotrifluoroethylene (CTFE) or hexafluoropropene (HFP) are most commonly employed to prepare PVDF copolymers.

PVDF Copolymers with HFP contain increased flexibility over PVDF homopolymer grades

Copolymers with CTFE are among the most flexible PVDF products with excellent low temperature performance and low shrinkage

Copolymers are ideal for wire & cable and tubing applications, which require enhanced flexibility.

Technical Index of PVDF Granule for Injection FR906




Test Method

Specific Gravity



ASTM D792,@23/23°C

Melting Point



ASTM D3418,10°C/MIN

Melt Flow Index



ASTM D1238,230°C/12.5kg

Tensile Yield Strength



ASTM D638,50MM/MIN@23°C

Elongation at Yield



Tensile Break Strength



Elongation at Break




Shore D


ASTM  D2240

Main Application PVDF Granule for Injection FR906 :

Coatings and other PVDF coatings can be used for metal curtain walls with a life of up to 20 years. With the vigorous development of domestic construction industry, the market demand of PVDF coatings has increased. There are several exclusive proprietorship enterprises in China to build large span factory buildings. The metal structure factory buildings with metal materials as main materials are decorated with PVDF paint, and the effect is very good. PVDF coating is also good on galvanized sheet, aluminum plate and plastic and cement exterior walls.

In addition, PVDF is used to manufacture optical fibers to replace imported products, and to produce ultrafiltration membranes with good chemical stability and good mechanical properties of resins, which have been used in Xiundefinedan, Haikou and other cities. Abroad 90% of PVDF is used for pumps, valves, pipes and other chemical equipment, and 10% for electrical and industrial hot water equipment. In the United States, the use of PVDF in chemical anticorrosion, electrical insulation and building coatings accounts for 1/3, respectively. In the last ten years, the PVDF of the United States has entered the civil construction wire market, so the market of PVDF wires and cables has increased rapidly. Japan in paints, semiconductors and batteries, chemical equipment, and other aspects of the 33 and 25. Because of the variety and grade of PVDF resin abroad, the processing technology is mature, and its application range is wider than that in our country, especially in the high-end field. With the continuous development of new PVDF products, the scope of application is gradually expanding, the proportion of sales in the plastic market is about 15%-20%.

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