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PVDF Injection Powder

PVDF Injection Powder

PVDF Injection Powder FR906
1:Melting Index:8-26 g/10min
2:Specific Gravity: 1.77-1.79
3:Melting Point:165-171
4:Moisture: Max 0.1%
5:Package: 25kg Per Drum

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Product Details

 Technical Index of PVDF Injection Powder FR906 





Test Method

Specific Gravity




ASTM D792,@23/23°C

Melting Point




ASTM D3418,10°C/MIN

Melt Flow Index




ASTM D1238,230°C/12.5kg

Tensile Yield Strength








ASTM D638,50MM/MIN@23°C

Elongation at Yield




Tensile Break Strength




Elongation at Break






Shore D


ASTM  D2240




The Application of PVDF Extrusion Powder


PVDF Extrusion Powder Widely used in building, chemical, electronics, aerospace, machinery and other fields. Coating is the main application of PVDF extrusion powder in architecture, including solution coating, solvent dispersive coating, water dispersive coating and powder coating. Solvent dispersion is the main form of PVDF coating, consisting of PVDF extrusion resin, acrylic resin, pigment and solvent, and PVDF resin is generally insoluble in solvent at room temperature. The particle form exists and is dissolved in the baking process after coating to form a dense coating. The metal color plates pre-coated with PVDF coatings are widely used as roofs, wall panels, walls, interior decorations, partition boards and office furniture for high-rise buildings. In the traditional chemical industry, the amount of PVDF is also considerable. It is mainly used for pumps, valves, packing towers and profiles, as well as wires, cables, joints and sheath in the field of corrosion protection. PVDF is superior to PTFE in its permeability resistance. Its high penetration resistance and good welding performance are its advantages as container lining. In recent years, the use of fabric composite PVDF plate and glass fiber reinforced plastic to make a large anti-corrosion storage tank, in domestic application shows an upward trend. PVDF resin can also be used for the sheath of wire and cable, industrial control wire, computer panel wire, filter cloth, tower packing, monofilament, mist eliminator and nozzle, etc. With the rapid development of two lithium batteries and other new energy sources, the amount of PVDF resin in lithium batteries has increased dramatically. PVDF resin is also an important raw material for the preparation of various separation membranes. PVDF can be dissolved in polar solvents for the preparation of asymmetric ultrafiltration and microfiltration membrane (hollow fiber peace membrane). It is used for the separation of downstream products in the food industry, the pharmaceutical industry and the bioengineering. In addition, PVDF pipes and fittings are also used in semiconductor, pure water and other industries abroad.

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