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PVDF Powder Film Production

PVDF Powder Film Production

Introduction of PVDF Powder for Film Forming FR904
1:Appearance: White Powder
2:Specific Gravity: 1.77-1.79
3:Melting Point:160-168
4:Moisture: Max 0.1%
5:Package: 25kg Per Drum

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Introduction of PVDF Powder for Film Forming FR904

PVDF is one of the most used membrane materials and has received great attentions thanks to its outstanding properties. Properties such as thermal stability, chemical resistance and processability to form membranes make PVDF ideal for use in biomedical membrane applications and waste water treatment.Thank to these features, applications of PVDF membranes are currently found in:Pressure-driven water- and waste-treatment treatment (e.g., microfiltration, ultrafiltration and membrane bioreactor), Membrane contactors operations (e.g., membrane distillation, acid gas absorption and stripping, volatile organic compounds removal)

PVDF Powder Key Features

1.Chemical inertness to most acids, aliphatic and aromatic organic compounds, chlorinated solvents, alcohols, etc.

2.Very high purity3.Low coefficient of friction4.Continuous use within a wide range of temperatures

5.Unaffection by UV and good resistance to γ radiation6.Excellent intrinsic fire resistance

7.Available grades approved for food contact applications8.Good capability for thermoforming and very easily joined by welding

Technical Index of  PVDF Powder for Film Forming FR904:




Test Method

General Appearance


White powder


Specific Gravity



ASTM D792,@23/23℃

Melting Point


ASTM D3418,10℃/MIN




1g/10ml NMP,30℃

Intrinsic Viscosity







Loss on Drying



Clarity,without foreigner


Today, most of the commercial membranes are produced via phase inversion method mainly because of its simplicity and flexible production scales (Hence, low cost of production).But there are certain drawbacks associated with PVDF membranes such as wetting or fouling which can be easily solved by enhancing surface roughness or increasing the hydrophilic nature of the membrane. Though it cannot be absolutely prevented even with modification.
PVDF membranes can be used as separators in lithium ion batteries, as it has good chemical and thermal stability. These membrane have good mechanical strength, appropriate pore size and shutdown characteristics.
They are also used for the manufacture of ion-exchange membranes.

PVDF is primarily used in wire and cables isolation, thanks to its high dielectric constant and dissipation factor.However, there poor electrical properties allow the production of PVDF films with piezoelectric and pyroelectric behavior.
There films are prepared from extruded films in B-phase conformation. Both surfaces of the film are metallized and then subjected to high voltage, which leave it permanently polarized.
Such films generate a voltage when stretched or compressed (piezoelectricity) or heated (pyroelectricity) at a temperature close to the melting point. The polymer films also show some ferroelectricity.

Meanwhile, we let you know our more PVDF materials as belows:

PVDF Materials:

1.PVDF Pellet-FR904  for film production

2.PVDF Pellet-FR905  for Lithium Battery

3.PVDF Pellet-FR903  for Compression Molding  (Fishing Line)

4.PVDF Pellet-FR906  for Injection

5:PVDF Pellet-FR907  for Extrusion(Fishing Line)

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