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PVDF Powder Injection

PVDF Powder Injection

Introduction of PVDF Powder Injection FR906
1:Melting Index:8-26 g/10min
2:Specific Gravity: 1.77-1.79
3:Melting Point:165-171
4:Moisture: Max 0.1%
5:Package: 25kg Per Drum

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Introduction of PVDF Powder Injection FR906

It is typically a semi-crystalline polymer that is approx. 50% amorphous. It has highly regular structure with most of VDF units joined head-to-tail with very less percentage of monomer units joined head-to-head.
This fluoroplastic exist in four possible conformations named as α, β, γ, and δ phase.

The C–F bonds are polar and the highest dipole moment is obtained with the alignment of all dipoles of the polymer in the same direction, corresponding to the β-phase of the PVDF. β-phase is the desirable phase to its piezoelectric characteristics of the polymer.

The dipole moments of α crystallites are oriented in opposite directions, resulting in a zero net polarization.


Alpha- and Beta-phase Structure of PVDF

Technical Index of PVDF Powder Injection FR906




Test Method

Specific Gravity



ASTM D792,@23/23°C

Melting Point



ASTM D3418,10°C/MIN

Melt Flow Index



ASTM D1238,230°C/12.5kg

Tensile Yield Strength



ASTM D638,50MM/MIN@23°C

Elongation at Yield



Tensile Break Strength



Elongation at Break




Shore D


ASTM D2240

Main Application:

Chemical industry: molded, extruded, injection molded PVDF lining or fully plastic valves, pumps, pipes, fittings, tower fillers and other products. A large number of PVDF valves are used in advanced ion-exchange membrane caustic soda production units.

Cable and electronic industry: with the development of domestic construction industry, PVDF wire and cable with excellent flame retardancy and low smoke has become a hot market product, which is imported from abroad. High capacity microcapacitors with high dielectric constant PVDF thin film molding has unique advantages, has become the preferred material in the electronic industry. PVDF piezoelectric film is now made of laser detectors.

Meanwhile, we let you know our more PVDF materials as below:

PVDF Materials:

1.PVDF-FR904 resin for film production

2.PVDF-FR905 resin for Lithium Battery

3.PVDF-FR903 resin for Compression Molding (Fishing Line)

4.PVDF-FR906 resin for Injection

5:PVDF-FR907 resin for Extrusion(Fishing Line)

Fluoropolymer Teflon PVDF Powder.jpg

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