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PVDF Resin Film Production

PVDF Resin Film Production

Introduction of PVDF Resin Film Production FR904
1:Appearance: White Powder
2:Specific Gravity: 1.77-1.79
3:Melting Point:160-168
4:Moisture: Max 0.1%
5:Package: 25kg Per Drum

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Introduction of  PVDF Resin Film Production FR904

PVDF FR904 Film Production is a powder form of polyvinylidene fluoride,which can be well dissolved by some certain solvent. PVDF FR904 is more suitable to produce porous film.

Made from virgin PVDF FR904,properly processed porous film provide good mechanical properties,toughness, and highly resistance to acid,alkali,oxidant and halogen at room temperature. The porous film is stable to aliphatic hydrocarbon,aromatic hydrocarbon,alcohol and aldehyde. At a temperature above 100℃,it shows high resistance to hydrochloric acid,sulfuric acid,nitric acid and alkaline with concentration below 40wt% in water. It is also stable to radiation and most bad environmental conditions, which lead to excellent performance for the long term.

The mechanical strength of PVDF resin is the best in fluorine resin, and it can still maintain good tensile strength, good impact strength, good toughness, high hardness and wear resistance under certain temperature and pressure. It has excellent creep resistance, excellent UV resistance and weathering resistance, and its film is kept outside for 20 years, which is brittle, cracked and irradiating, and its dielectric constant is as high as 6. 6%. 0 ~ 8. 0 F / m (60 ~ 106 Hz), the tangent angle of dielectric loss is also large. 04 ~ 0. Between 20 and 20, with a volume resistivity of 3 1012 cm, piezoelectric and thermoelectric properties. PVDF resins have excellent chemical resistance to most inorganic acids, salts, halogens, oxidants, weak bases and fatty acids, Aromatic and halogenated solvents have excellent resistance, but they are intolerant of high concentration of strong alkali and certain amines, and can be dissolved in a few polar solvents, such as dimethyl formamide and dimethyl acetamide, and can be dissolved at higher temperatures. In certain acids and esters.

Technical Index of PVDF Resin Film Production FR904




Test Method

General Appearance


White powder


Specific Gravity



ASTM D792,@23/23℃

Melting Point


ASTM D3418,10℃/MIN




1g/10ml NMP,30℃

Intrinsic Viscosity







Loss on Drying



Clarity,without foreigner


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